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Praying On the Armor of God

The following is a selection from my newly published book, The Life Jesus Made Possible: Embracing the Kingdom within our reach. Engaging in spiritual warfare is the unavoidable consequence of living on a fallen and broken planet informed by the … Continue reading

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Repentance and the Kingdom of God

            So what is the motivation for and outcome of choosing into this life that Jesus has made possible?  Jesus simply puts it this way as recorded in Matthew 4:17; “Repent for the Kingdom of … Continue reading

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New book on the way!

New book on the way! I want to invite you to read my blog over the next few months and connect with the gist of my book that I hope to finish up this year.  I am currently preaching a … Continue reading

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What would you like Jesus to do for you?

There is an amazing lesson on faith in Luke 15 with the healing of a blind man.  Before Jesus healed the man he asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?”  The man answered, “Lord, I want … Continue reading

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The relationship between faith and healing

The work continues on my book called, “Just How Good Is The Good News?”  The following is a small section from my chapter entitled, “Good News For the Sick – Jesus our Mighty Healer!”  Thanks for reading it and I … Continue reading

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Just How Good Is The Good News?

The following is the opening section of my introduction to my book that I am working on this summer.  I will be posting small portions over this next season for you to read, and if you would, please give me … Continue reading

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