What would you like Jesus to do for you?

There is an amazing lesson on faith in Luke 15 with the healing of a blind man.  Before Jesus healed the man he asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?”  The man answered, “Lord, I want to see.”  At this Jesus healed the man, and told him that it was in fact his faith that healed him.

It seems that Jesus’ question opened to way for the man to express faith in Jesus.  Apparently it doesn’t take a lot of faith in a lot of things to move the heart of God toward the broken who humbly look to Jesus.  We still can use this simple question in ministering today.  “What would you like Jesus to do for you?”  As with the blind man, this question can move the focus of the person in need to Jesus.  It is a simple way to help others confess their hope and faith in Jesus. While some might require faith to have a more robust and theologically savvy quality to merit the compassion of Jesus, that doesn’t seem to be the requirement of God!

And I love the result of the healing.  The guy starts following Jesus.  No doubt that is the best context for the man to learn and experience much more in the realm of having faith in God.  The wisdom of Jesus is to have people learn what they really need to know and experience by living close to him.  With Jesus we don’t have to believe and behave correctly by religious standards in order to belong.  Grace triumphs again!

And such gracious undertakings are contagious.  “When all the people saw it (the healed man following Jesus and praising God), they also praised God.”  A Kingdom moment can turn into a Kingdom momentum!

About Bill Randall

Director of Pioneering Initiatives with Novo Mission Inc. www.pioneeringinitiatives.org bill.randall@novo.org
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5 Responses to What would you like Jesus to do for you?

  1. Great stuff as always. And as always confirmation of what I have been hearing from God.


  2. Reblogged this on Chris Yeager Writes Blog and commented:
    Great post by the pastor at my church.


  3. Linda Easley says:

    Thanks Bill. God is with us every second..He makes His plan for our lives very clear when we are willing to listen. Count me in on one who is hearing the same things from God. I thank Him and praise his holy name Jesus.


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