From Programs to Rhythms of Life

Time to Change

For the sake of contributing to movements of the gospel, the body of Christ needs to resolutely transition from developing more leader dependent, consumer driven programs to that of establishing organic rhythms of life that form and sustain the fruitful life that Jesus made possible. In simple form, here are the rhythms of life that each believer must creatively establish in order to authentically flourish as a follower of Jesus:

Rhythms of spiritual formation that create space for the abiding presence and power of God.

Rhythms of connecting with an intentional community that create space for developing healthy, collaborative, reproducing disciples who together serve to advance God’s Kingdom.

Rhythms of missional living that create space for every disciple to authentically connect with not-yet-believers so they can discover and begin following Jesus.

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About Bill Randall

Director of Pioneering Initiatives with Novo Mission Inc.
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1 Response to From Programs to Rhythms of Life

  1. Duane Heath says:

    I believe that as much work needs to be done in the church to release Christians from being dependent on Pastors and Leaders. I am not saying that we do not need these however i believe that churches purposely provide a system that keeps their congregation reliant on them. The aim to keep their numbers and revenue up. It is time to teach Christians to rely on the Holy Spirit more and leaders less. We as normally humble Christians should be doing more than Jesus himself did but christians do not realise that the Spirit of God is living inside of them. I obviously believe that missions are equally important we just need to start preparing Christians better for Judgement day.


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