Mentoring Stories: Andy Ashworth


Andy & Julie Ashworth, Glasgow, Scotland

In the following mentoring story, you will hear from my friend Andy Ashworth who is the worship leader at Re:Hope Church in Glasgow, Scotland. I have had the privilege of coaching Andy for several years, and have had two fruitful and fun on-site visits.

I first encountered Bill and Jill Randall whilst attending a missionary conference in Mexico. They were teaching together on the topic of “physical healing” – and I remember being struck by their humility, wisdom, experience and depth. Later on that year, whilst watching Bill’s DVD series on “Inner Healing” as a church staff, the Holy Spirit nudged me to contact Bill and ask if he would be my mentor/coach, which he was happy to do even though we had never met!

In the two years since then, we have been connecting regularly via skype and also in person on a few occasions when their travels brought Bill and Jill to the UK. Bill has been instrumental in bringing inner transformation to my personal life, walk with the Lord and ministry over this time. His constant encouragement has been life-giving as he gently and persistently calls me back to a life centered on the love of God and my identity in Jesus.

The areas of life and ministry that have been particularly impacted by Bill’s ministry are:

  • Vision and direction
  • Ministering in the power of the Spirit
  • Spiritual formation
  • Self-leadership

Finally – one of the most transformative aspects of working with Bill is his ability to see what God is doing in our lives (my wife, Julie, and I) – to believe in us and the Kingdom work that God is releasing through us and calling us into. To have a couple like Bill and Jill by our side, cheering us on, equipping where necessary, listening when needed, speaking always with wisdom and insight, has been one of the greatest encouragements that the Lord has brought to our lives.


Learn more about Re:Hope Church on their website at:


About Bill Randall

Director of Pioneering Initiatives with Novo Mission Inc.
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