Obedience to Jesus — Just Do It!


Why is it so easy for so many of us to put off being courageously obedient to Jesus’ call to live on mission? Several contributing factors likely come to mind that have been rehearsed in many books dealing with this subject. But one common excuse that I have run into numerous times over this past year is, “We are not sufficiently prepared for such a task. We need more training” I’ve heard this from individuals and teams in the U.S., and in several international missional contexts.

Don’t get me wrong—I believe in the importance of equipping the saints! Much of my ministry is focused on just that. But what I’m seeing is a not so subtle use of “training, training and more training” as a demonic strategy for procrastinating obedience to the simple and clear commands of Jesus.

  • Do you really need another book or podcast on inner healing to know that you should ask the Holy Spirit to help you forgive the person who has offended you? No, Just Do It!
  • Do you really need to attend another workshop on supernatural healing before you will develop the habit of asking the sick and wounded you come across, “May I pray for you?” No, Just Do It!
  • Do you really need another training event where you will fill out yet another workbook on what it looks like to live on mission before you will act on it? No, Just Do It!

Recently, after a missional team leader that I coach was struck with the multifaceted ways the Lord was setting the table for him to spearhead the launching of a new expression of church, he said, “Hey, maybe we should arrange for so and so to come down and facilitate another training.” I looked at him and asked, “Seriously?” Soon we both were laughing. Yet, this instinct to delay taking action for the sake of “getting better prepared” has been a movemental stumbling block to this team (and many other individuals and teams I work with).

Of course we need to take serious the call to pray and prepare! (In fact, in some settings where disciple making movements are flourishing, the critical need is for more intentional leadership development to sustain the harvest.)

But praying and preparing must never become an excuse for the fear based tendency to procrastinate obedience to Jesus.

My question: What has God already asked you to do via his Word and whispers?

My encouragement: Just Do It!

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

About Bill Randall

Director of Pioneering Initiatives with Novo Mission Inc. www.pioneeringinitiatives.org bill.randall@novo.org
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2 Responses to Obedience to Jesus — Just Do It!

  1. Mark Thrash says:

    Bill, as I was reading this, I wonder if a “better” way to frame the discussion is “Learning vs. Doing” instead of obedience. Experimenting is also language I like a lot. Just wondering if obedience carries with it a lot of baggage, and it is kind of a heavy word. Love this, just do it, and remember failure is not an option, only learning! Peace


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