He Must Become Greater!

“He must become greater; I must become less” (John 3:30)

These simple and profound words of John the Baptizer reveal a reality that is just as true for preachers, worship leaders as well as all Christ followers in general.  Our “job” is to serve the cause of making Jesus greater in the eyes of all those we have influence with.  He must become more manifest.  He must become the One people recognize and remember and talk about.  He is the point, not the ministries that are intended to reveal the point.

The “I must become less” part is so difficult to sincerely embrace when our identity is tied more to this world’s kingdom as opposed to God’s.  This broken and confused world never grows tired of announcing that we in fact need to increase and that we have the right to do so.  Yet in heaven there is no confusion or struggle with regard to Who must increase and who must become less.  “Oh God, let it be on earth and in me as it is in heaven!”

The truth is, when our identity is authentically based on being “in Christ,” then as he increases so do we as well as part of his body.  But the focus is on him, not on ourselves.  Increasing fruit and favor on our lives is simply the gracious bi-product of abiding in Christ.  Glory to his name!

So what can we do today to draw greater attention upon Him while not worrying about how we might come across to others?  What will this require?  What do you think?

About Bill Randall

Director of Pioneering Initiatives with Novo Mission Inc. www.pioneeringinitiatives.org bill.randall@novo.org
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1 Response to He Must Become Greater!

  1. David Mantei says:

    Wow, well said, the diffculty comes in the abiding. The world bombards us with advertising and marketing to do everything but abide in Christ. I guess I can try and be a “marketer” for Christ. As you have told me in the past, “Don’t worry about what others are doing, Live it yourself”. That is probably the best marketing strategy there is… Thanks for the word.


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