Mercedes and U-Hauls

I thought I would share a couple pictures that capture some of my special sabbatical moments so far. They both are pictures of vehicles. The first is the car rental I received at the John Wayne airport when I arrived on Monday…a Mercedes Benz! Because they ran out of cars in the size I reserved and I ended up waiting for a half hour or so for any car, the manager apologized and said I could have the Mercedes at the same price. Chalk that one up for an undeserved, unexpected blessing!

The second vehicle is the U-Haul that Whitney and Jill drove from Redding to Fullerton. Whitney will begin college classes in Fullerton in a couple weeks and will be living with Jill’s mom for the next season. This is an awesome new chapter for Whitney and we are really proud of her. Getting her settled has been my focused for the past couple days. Jill and I will fly home to Redding on Tuesday to a home and a city without any of our kids living in it. I’ve learned it’s possible to be happy and sad at the same time. This is one of those times.

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Director of Pioneering Initiatives with Novo Mission Inc.
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2 Responses to Mercedes and U-Hauls

  1. Suzanne Salera says:

    Sounds like ya got a bit comfortable as my parents did too…..God’s still in the stretchin business till we get to Heaven and celebrate the great news… come back home in God’s timing according to His purpose and will…happy or sad. I’m living proof of it.;o) Aren’t ya glad….;O)Keep thanking, singing and praising The Lord Jesus Christ whether your happy or sad because you’ll brighten someone’s way with footprints for another day. Have a blessed and highly favored sabbatical. Take care.
    ~Suzanne Salera~


  2. sharon rigby says:

    ill keep praying


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